Putting together the best crew for the project

Patriarche's Works Division carries out construction management assignments in France and abroad, working on large-scale, demanding and exciting projects.

With rigour and determination, our works engineers manage construction operations of all types: industrial, laboratories, public facilities, tertiary, housing, etc. They define, with each participant on the site, the most efficient organisational methods and the material, human and financial resources to be implemented for the successful completion of works contracts.

During the construction phase, they are the trusted interlocutors of the project owner and are the guarantors of the proper execution of the work in all its components: legal, regulatory, financial, technical and architectural.

All our projects
Kindness Humanity Proximity Transparency Dialogue
Ingenuity Expertise Innovation Digital Rigour Security Passion
Co-construction Environment Pragmatism Efficiency Awareness



New projects
Heavy or partial rehabilitation
Work in occupied sites
In separate lots, macro-lots or general contractors
Directorate for the Execution of Works - DET
Assistance with acceptance operations - AOR
Planning, Control and Coordination - OPC

Collaborative management tools

Start-up kit, digital dashboard for monitoring performance indicators, risk monitoring, zoom planning, etc. From the outset of the assignment, our team puts in place tools for transmitting information, exchange procedures and reporting indicators. This structuring of working methods aims to guarantee:

Consistency in information handling and problem solving

Dynamic and collaborative handling of the information to be processed

A hierarchy of information by criticality and degree of urgency

The creation of links between each project actor

Increased vigilance
to safety rules

On each operation involving journeymen, risk prevention is a matter of real day-to-day support, leadership and continuous monitoring of prevention actions.