The Art of Building

Virtuous and innovative real estate projects

Responsible solutions

Ever more conscious, sustainable and reversible

For new construction or renovation

Public and private projects in France and abroad

Resolutely agile

Dynamic, flexible and efficient project management


Patriarche DB

Patriarche DB, the general contractor of the Patriarche Group, carries out virtuous real estate projects, both new and renovated, within the framework of design, construction, operation and maintenance contracts

Industrial production facilities, laboratories, offices, public facilities, housing or even shops: Patriarche DB studies any project, private or public.
The team has developed experience in large, technically demanding projects and specialises in the management of complex projects.

Patriarche DB offers to take charge of real estate risks and to ensure the overall reliability of projects. It is committed to and guarantees control over risk prevention, quality, costs and delivery times.

Patriarche DB x Patriarche

A subsidiary of the Patriarche agency, Patriarche DB considers architecture to be the first priority in each of its projects.
Atypical in the construction landscape, it draws on the skills of the group's 500 employees to build more efficiently and to provide all the guarantees necessary for this profession.

Our pillars







Fully independent, free from any link with the construction industry, Patriarche DB evolves freely with the sole objective of favouring the architectural, technical and user quality of the project.


Committed to the necessary transformation of the city's production models, Patriarche DB assumes and proposes an alternative mode of co-design / production, which is in line with the Ethics, and gives meaning to the act of building and the art of building.


By tailoring our work to each client and each territory, we use the particularities of the place and the actors involved to promote circular, virtuous models with a low ecological and carbon footprint but high social and human value.


By favouring a local management approach, Patriarche DB can adapt its method, its tools and its approach at any time to manage the unforeseen. Without shying away, our team assumes its role and responsibilities at each stage of the project in order to design and build with a long-term perspective.


As each project is an adventure, Patriarche DB is a generator of links between users, actors and sectors of the territory. During the development and construction phase, but also beyond.

The Patriarche DB method


Agile project management

Anchored in the group's values. The spirit of partnership shared with the client and with subcontractors in a strong requirement for excellence and permanent adaptability, combined with a direct and rapid decision-making system.


Reliable partners

Quality and trustworthy, if possible anchored in the region, and recognised for their know-how and experience.


Clear communication

Guaranteed by the implementation of document exchange platforms and approval protocols from the start of the studies.


Efficient management methods

Shared with the project owner, with transparent communication of all performance indicators (KPIs) and monitoring of objectives.


Continuous risk management

Implementing a risk management system and associated mitigation plans.


Quality as a priority

By prioritising the architectural, technical and user quality of the project and the well-being of the site workers and future users, through a proven QSE Management.


An exemplary HSE approach

From the design phase, by anticipating the construction methods and linking them to the reduction of the risks of coactivity. During the execution phase, a prevention monitor is assigned to standardize practices from the top.


A reduced environmental footprint

By aiming for long-term energy efficiency, and thanks to site management that makes it possible to evaluate and reduce, on a permanent basis, the harmful effects of construction on the environment, to encourage re-use...